529 Days

529 days between starting a job and calling it a day. 529 days of being a grown up, having a real world job, real responsibilities and some very real bills to pay at the end of each month.

With hindsight there isn’t much, if anything, that I would change about my brief spell as a real person. I had a job that I enjoyed, friends who put up with my company and earned a modest enough wage. In fact I’d say I’d even considered that this was it, that this was me for the foreseeable future… so why sack it all and book a one way flight to New Zealand?


Well, it’s a good question and one which many have asked (particularly my parents) not excluding myself. And as I sit here at Heathrow departures sipping on a cold beer, I ask myself again, have I made the right decision?

In all honesty I don’t think I will be able to answer that question fully until I’ve been there and done it, but one thing I am sure of is that I’ve never wanted to be the ‘what if’ guy.

What if i’d gone travelling?
What if I’d given rugby a go down under?
What if i’d quit that job?

The list goes on but these are all questions I want to be able to answer some day and in order to do so you have to make decisions, good or bad. Having said that I fully believe that this is a good decision. I’m 24, I’ve got two years experience in a growing industry and I have family and friends who will still be there when I get home. In the grand scheme of things what’s one year out of my life to chase the dream (or an egg in my case)?

Ultimately, when New Zealand came knocking and I was offered the chance to play rugby in its modern-day home, it was a no brainer. Throw in the fact that the Lions are touring New Zealand this summer and i’m not sure many rugby fans would have turned it down.


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  1. Great opportunity Nick. I hope you enjoy it and say hi to Stuart and Ali if/when you get to see them. Cheers! Pam (Judy’s sister/Stuart’s mum/Neil’s auntie).

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