Toko short for Tokoua, a word I have become accustomed to hearing over the past few weeks. Tongan for brother it forms an integral part of the vocabulary for a lot of the boys in our team and to date is the only word I’ve managed to learn the meaning. For me, the frequent use... Continue Reading →

Kia Ora

There is no grand idea behind this blog, no real plan or aim to jump on the blogosphere fame wagon, I'm simply going to write about the events I experience paying particular attention to those which I deem amusing, interesting and/or noteworthy. In truth the main purpose it will serve is to save repeating the... Continue Reading →

529 Days

529 days between starting a job and calling it a day. 529 days of being a grown up, having a real world job, real responsibilities and some very real bills to pay at the end of each month. With hindsight there isn’t much, if anything, that I would change about my brief spell as a... Continue Reading →

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